Martial Arts Makes Children LESS Violent

"How Does Martial Arts Training Make Children Less Violent?

It's amazing how often you might hear parents state that they'd like to get their children involved in martial arts, but they don't want them to become violent. In almost every case, the reverse is true.

Martial arts does not make children more violent, it makes them less violent. There's a quote that you'll often hear in the martial arts: "Practice the fight so you don't have to."

By practicing martial arts, children become more confident. Therefore, they are less likely to become a target for bullying. Also, the martial arts gives children a safe environment in which they can embrace their shadow, blow off some steam and relieve stress.

On top of that, as a child develops a stronger self-image, he or she is less likely to feel the need to prove him or herself. With a stronger self-image, children also become less interested in tearing down others."

-Dave Kovar, MA Success Magazine

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