New Year, New Kicks!

 in San Antonio - Talamantez Karate

This year we have a lot to look forward to as we start to get ready for our very own Karate Olympics in April, New Black Belts joining the ranks, and many seminars to come. We reflect on what we enjoyed most about last year, and what we can add to our program to enhance karate in our student's lives. Our students can expect us to be more engaged by providing them with more personal goals, and we certainly want our many parents to get more involved as well.

Tasks will be assigned to our students to take home so that parents can aide them in not only becoming better karate students, but also better citizens. We want our students to learn more responsibility this year and look forward to facing new challenges. We also promise more Mat-Chat time with our students to engage them in practicing their social skills and patience while waiting for a friend to speak. More parent time during karate is also being added so that parents don't feel left behind when their children learn new tasks.

Lets make 2017 a kickin' year, together!


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