Using Martial Arts to find Balance

 in San Antonio - Talamantez Karate

A lot of people come through our doors to find something more than just Karate. Many come to find a new start in life, be it getting in better shape, developing a higher self-esteem, or even to combat depression. As martial artists who have been practicing many years ourselves, we see that our lives would be lacking without the joy of Karate to fill it. Karate is so much more than self-defense and breaking boards. It is the spirit we find in ourselves, the will-power we didn't think was there, and most of all, it makes us better in everything we do.

That could be simply taking a flight of stairs without wheezing, or making it through your first 5K run. Karate teaches self-control and respect for all which, can relate to our kids and help us control our emotions better.

Exercise of any kind develops endorphins which make us happy, but having fellow Karate members around us creates friendship and team building skills. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Unity can bring and develop a sense of purpose and create long-lasting friendships that one would never have thought of.


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