Confidence Building

 in San Antonio - Talamantez Karate

Public speaking can be terrifying for some. We have all had that feeling of uneasiness when we realize that all eyes are on us. Our palms sweat and our hearts race a little. Some never get past this point and those that do become great leaders and speakers. Getting up in front of others can be a challenging process that requires intestinal fortitude and self-confidence.

Self-confidence starts at home. Children learn best by seeing, so as parents we must get out of our comfort zone and interact with new people in a way that we would our children to mimic. Children may not always pay attention to everything we say (lets be honest, they probably hear only 10% of what we say), but they definitely can't miss what we DO. A great example is when you take your kids to a birthday party and there are new parents to meet. Be confident and strike up an engaging conversation when your children are looking. They see this and may think nothing of it at a young age, but trust us, it sinks in. Here at Talamantez Karate we instill confidence in our students by encouraging them to introduce themselves to new Karate students. Eye contact and a voice that can be heard are a must.

Express to your children to speak from their gut and with confidence when meeting others. It is not a skill some have and can make a difference of how far they get in life later on. By all means, step into our Dojo and we will be happy to include you, or your children, in our self-confidence building curriculum. Be Confident, and be Strong!


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