Kicking Pounds off with Talamantez Karate in San Antonio

 in San Antonio - Talamantez Karate

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In order to maintain a healthy body weight many turn to just their diet as the culprit, or quit smoking and/or drinking. What a lot of American's miss though is a work-out regimen. Going to the gym can be boring or embarrassing if you don't know what you're doing. Karate is more than just a workout though. It activates and targets more muscles simultaneously than most sports do. You use your core almost the entire time, and add in arms and legs as well when developing punches and kicks. Talk about a full body workout!

Karate is a wonderful work out because, as many in shape students will tell you, some would rather just run a 5K instead of doing a workout here in our dojo. You can get what you need within an easy 30-45 minutes and come back each time a little better. We have had students lose 3-5 pant sizes being with us for less than 6 months! What is most important is our students have a blast and the ones who are committed really see the best results of all. So why not, new friends and new abs; what's to lose? 

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