The Word IMPOSSIBLE Doesn't Exist at Talamantez Karate San Antonio!

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"But, Sensei, that's impossible!". We hear it a lot, and we will hear it again, however, here at Talamantez Karate we expect the best for our students. "Quitters Never Quit", is at the heart of our School Creed. A lot of our newer students come to us and have never been mentally AND physically challenged before, and we understand this, but we do not accept it. Sure, the laws of physics do apply and we have tried to break them to no avail, but beyond that we are highly skilled in knowing how to pull the best out of our students. The hard part is just getting them to BELIEVE that they can do it.

The worst thing a person can do is quit on themselves. We expect others to quit on us, but what happens when we quit on ourselves?

This is where internal positive thinking comes in. Talking to yourself internally in a positive manner is one of the best ways to develop a stronger psyche. Lets say you mess up. A lot of us want to say to ourselves "I'm a failure", "I can't do anything right", or "I quit". Instead we should be cheering ourselves on with phrases such as "So I messed up, I will do better next time", "I messed up, but I have learned from this", and "you are amazing, no one is perfect". That last one is a favorite of mine!

Children will say in their minds what they hear they're parents saying. If mom or dad go around and shed negativity about their failures, kids will internalize this and unconsciously think it when they mess up. Take a failure and make it a win by explaining to your children what happened and how you learned from it. Tell them that through failure, we learn who we are and where our weaknesses can be made stronger. Always a positive outlook. With positivity comes possibility!!

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