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Make Working out Fun Again!

What is the main reason so many people quit working out and let themselves go? The answer may surprise you. We are social creatures by nature (yes, even you introverts hiding in the back), and working out alone can be boring. You may start off with a killer routine and then over time the music is boring, the routine is boring, everything alone just becomes...boring. Studies have shown that by having a group to work out with or even a "buddy-system" you are more likely to achieve success in getting fit and living a healthier life ("Strength in Numbers: The Importance of Fitness Buddies"). Here at Talamantez Karate we highly encourage families to get in on the fun together. Make it a couple thing and push your partner, or do it together with your kid so they can know the meaning of building stronger bodies for stronger futures.

Working out can release endorphins, and this makes us happier, which in turn helps us to live more productive lives. Take the stairs at work next time, or park your car far away for a nice walk. Be pro-active in trying to keep fit. Find a friend who has the same goals as you do and make time to reach them together. Work a lot and don't have many friends, then come make some at our Dojo. Our number one goal is for our students to have fun and relieve some stress in their lives. Time to be Happy!!

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