Summer is right around the corner! What a great time to get in shape at Talamantez Karate.

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Cardio is a MUST!

As temperatures slowly begin to rise our young students know that summer fun is almost here, and NO MORE SCHOOL! While summer may be great for the kiddos, as parents ourselves, we realize your first worry is keeping them busy and safe so you can still work. So many kids these days spend so much of their free time watching YouTube or playing video games indoors and this can be very bad for their well being. Cardio is such a great way to keep them healthy.

Benefits of Cardio:

  • The heart is a muscle and needs to be worked out to build it up
  • Working out has been linked to lower depression and anxiety rates
  • Believe it or not, but good cardio has also been linked to building up the brain as well. Who doesn't love extra brain power?!
  • Better health overall and longevity

Even if it is only for 30 minutes 4 days a week, your heart and mind will thank you! So, even though Summer may mean relaxing for the kiddos, remember to come into your regular classes, so we can keep you and them healthy and strong.

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