Focus on Your Goals: Building Better Karate Skills at Talamantez Karate

 in San Antonio - Talamantez Karate

Focus can be hard for our little ones. As parents, coaches, or teachers, we can struggle to teach patience and goal setting. Nothing wanted is never gained easy. It takes planning, patience, and most of all, FOCUS. Even as adults we need to prioritize what is important to us in life and create goals to reach.

Focus can easily be obtained by:

- Reminding yourself why you are putting the effort into something. "I want better kicks, so I am stretching out more and doing squats to strengthen my legs".

- Making small goals to achieve large ones. "I am practicing better kicks to perform better katas, so I can achieve my next belt".

- Reward your self small rewards for small accomplishments, and large rewards for big goals. "I didn't miss any classes this month, so I will treat myself to that book I wanted".

Children in our classes are taught to wait patiently and quietly for things they want. This requires focus and self-discipline. Simply reminding them here and there with encouragement can instill better focus.

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