LEADERSHIP: Taking initiative!

 in San Antonio - Talamantez Karate

Life is truly what you make it. But, how do we MAKE it what we want or need it to be? Why is it easy for some and harder for others? At Talamantez Karate we teach our members that in order to gain something you must be willing to give something. This begins with effort and practice, and sticking to a regimen that requires diligence. In a nutshell, initiative. Taking initiative is a quality that we cannot teach others to do. It is not taught in the school room, and it is not necessarily intuitive either. Initiative begins with taking action. Leaders excel in this quality and use it daily in their lives. How far would Alexander the Great have gone without initiative? Surely not as far as the orient. Would we have heard the infamous words "I have a Dream" echoed throughout history if Martin Luther King Jr. simply let others do everything for him? 

So, how do we take those first steps to become better at taking initiative? Simply put, a person simply does. Saying and doing are two different things. When planning to do something it is always great to discuss with others and talk about what you want. From this you should make a plan. Put it onto paper and have a date in which it expires. Of course this date must be a realistic one. No one can learn calculus within 2 weeks, but maybe within 3 months if a plan and a schedule is made. After that plan comes the hardest part of taking initiative; now you have to actually DO what you have set out to accomplish.

When we reach our goals we feel fulfilled and a sense of accomplishment. Even if it was a small one. Give yourself a reasonable reward for finishing a task you set out to complete. As for myself personally, I reward myself with an episode of my favorite show or sit down to read literature that I enjoy. Use your willpower to reward yourself AFTER a certain task has been completed; not half-way through or before. HALF-done isn't good enough for you.

Remember, initiative isn't just making long term goals; sometimes you find yourself needing to make the sudden decision to act immediately. For our students in the Dojo, this can mean taking the initiative to pick up gear after class, or trash that someone left on the floor. This can also mean that when we ask for volunteers their hands go up, even if they are nervous. Remember to use initiative so you do not become stagnant in life. Always rise and move up in life. This is the goal we should all have for ourselves.


-Sensei Haynes

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