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I originally walked into Talamantez Karate to enroll my 2 sons (10 and 5 years old) in lessons. After watching them for a few weeks, I decided to start taking lessons myself. The lessons were a blend of fitness and focus. The fitness aspect is fairly obvious; the better conditioned the body is, the more effectively you can perform whatever you are doing. The focus aspect is on moving forward and advancing through the belt ranks and in life. Training in fitness and focus was good for me and my sons. When the boys started, they could not stand at attention for more than a couple seconds. They are now able to stand as long as they are asked to. They are physically stronger and have learned to control some of their impulses. They get a sense of pride from moving up a belt. They are also more confident in their abilities. I enjoyed it so much that I joined the Leadership Program to get more...longer classes, more forms, weapons training, and more physical and mental challenges. I spend most of my day behind a desk, so after several months of regular training. I'm in much better physical condition. My mental state has improved as well. I may walk out of a class tired, a little sore, and breathing hard, but I feel great! I'm already looking forward to the next time. The three of us enjoyed it enough that we talked my wife into starting classes too.


Talamantez Karate Joe DiStefano

I joined Talamantez Karate as an outlet to get and stay healthy. I was never in great shape, and after retiring from the Air Force the pounds really racked up (Thank you, Taco Cabana). When I started I was overweight and needed blood pressure medication. I've lost over 50 pounds since I started and no longer need the medication. I believe Karate saved my life. Since joining I have met great people and feel that Talamantez Karate is a true family Karate center. The instructors take the time to make sure we get it right, and have fun doing it. The lessons I've learned translate very well outside the dojo as well. Although I'll likely never be as flexible or impressive as I was as a young man, Talamantez Karate helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can see myself enjoying Karate for years to come.

Joe DiStefano

Talamantez Karate Stephanie Haynes

Happy Adult Student: I have an extensive back ground in other martial arts and took a longer break than was expected. When I moved to San Antonio I was very picky in choosing a dojo. I was drawn to karate because of its practice and teaching of fundamental defense. Now I will say when I first came across the dojo online many of the reviews were 50/50 and this made me leery, however, I am a person who would rather experience something first hand before I simply take another person's word. I made an excellent choice it seems. The instructors are highly trained and efficient people who are both courteous and amiable. Most of all though, they have a genuine feel and love for what they teach. For them it is not a job, it is a life style and they pass their passion to their students. I have a daughter who is too young as of now, but as soon as she is able I would love for her to train with my new dojo family. All of the kids who go there are always happy with their experience and I always see the instructors taking time with all of them. Thank you Talamantez Karate for letting me be a student of yours, because without you I could not be your (very satisfied) student.

Stephanie Haynes

Talamantez Karate Mr. Wurth

My family got involved over 12 years ago. I never regretted getting them involved. I don't worry so much about my daughters when they go out.

Mr. Wurth

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