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Beginner Eskrima Classes Enrolling In February

Imagine a self-defense class that goes beyond the that teaches a comprehensive system of Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and Filipino Martial Arts that includes over a dozen components from bladed and blunt weapons to hand-to-hand combat, from self-defense to locks and throws and grappling.

The Eskrima program at Talamantez Karate combines effective self-defense systems--Eskrima / Arnis: Modern Arnis --that give our students the ultimate martial art style that will allow you to feel safe in dangerous situations with the confidence to protect yourself and your family. Modern Arnis is one of the most highly regarded systems of Arnis common to the U.S


Eskrima teaches you how to fight like a revered ninja using sticks, swords, and knives as you defend yourself against ruthless attackers. Now imagine you have the skills to defeat these attackers and walk away. When you take the Self Defense and Eskrima classes at Talamantez Karate, you can have all of this and more! Our program will have a heavy emphasis on defense against knives as well as tactical knife fighting.GET STARTED TODAY!

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